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This is Mies Loogman.

Graduated at Design Academy Eindhoven Mies Loogman has started her own company that focusses on information design and seeks to make complex information accessible and tangible to a broader public. She feels the need to involve people into developments that are not easily understood by non-experts on the topic. These developments need to be accessible and understandable for everyone. To let them think about, and understand, what could happen in the future and the effects new developments can have on the society. It is all about providing people with information to give them the chance and opportunity to form their own opinion. From Mies’ point of view design is not merely product related but can be used as a tool of communication.

The focus of the company lies on design thinking and information design and the accompanying methodologies to communicate these thoughts of information. Nature related topics peak her curiosity but the interest also lies elsewhere. She likes to collaborate with universities and institutions to create a co-working environment in which design is intertwined with the knowledge of others.


Photo by Charlotte Kin



9-10 September 2017  Gene Machine at Food & Design Festival in ‘s-Hertogenbosch

17 September 2017  Gene Machine at Grazende Zwaan Festival in Nieuw-Vennep

5-6 October 2017  Gene Machine at SynCity Festival in Wageningen

14 October 2017  CultuurKermis at Nacht van de Cultuur in Helmond

Dutch Design Week / 21-29 October 2017  Gene Machine at Graduation Show in Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week / 21-29 October 2017  Gene Machine at Embassy of Food in Eindhoven

Dutch Design Week / 21-29 October 2017  Safety Suit at Sectie C in Eindhoven



2012 – 2017     Bachelor of Arts (BA) departement Man & Leisure, Design Academy Eindhoven

2012 – 2013     Propedeutic diploma (P) Design Academy Eindhoven

2005 – 2011     Pre-university education (VWO), Regionale Scholengemeenschap Pantarijn, Wageningen


Past exhibitions

2015  Graduation Show ‘We Collaborate’, Design Academy Eindhoven, 17th October to 25th October

2015  Leisure in Drenthe, Bouw en Bind Veenhuizen, 12th September to 18th December

2015  Design uit het land van de aardappeleters, Noord Brabantsmuseum Den Bosch, 24th January to 26th April

2014  Een ode aan ambacht en creativiteit, YKSI EXPO Eindhoven, 1st May to 5th August


Side activities

2014  Executive board of the Dutch Youth Association for Nature (Nederlandse Jeugdbond voor Natuurstudie)

2012  Gap year – travelling